Software development is what we do best and what gives us unearthly pleasure.

The Nostromo crew consists of specialists with various competences, together we are able to ensure the high quality of the software. Create even multi-module online platforms.


We have a lot of experience in wide field, from creating 3D VR projects to complex systems for route planning, based on geographical positions and GIS databases.

We are building your technical basement



Blockchain is a technology that creates a common transactional database. It supports concluding, clearing and saving transactions on the internet, using subsequent block chains.
Internet applications

Internet applications

Dynamic and fully functional internet applications based on modern technology trends like webservices. In addition, dedicated CMS, CRM systems
Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications are classic desktop applications that can be installed on any Windows, MacOS or Linux computer.
Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Strengthen relationships with your customers and get new ones using the mobile application, which is a great marketing and promotional tool!
Be always "at hand"!
Dedicated systems

Dedicated systems

Dedicated systems are platforms that have various types of communicating applications.


Build your store on board PrestaShop and develop it on a proven and constantly improved drive.
Bet on proven solutions!


Blockchain is not only modern technology and cryptocurrencies, but also a revolution of the Internet, bringing with it huge changes.
Blockchain is a technology used to store and send information about transactions concluded on the Internet, using subsequent data blocks. In addition, Blockchain supports the conclusion, settlement and saving of transactions.

We believe that tomorrow's projects must be built today. That is why we cannot imagine a modern design without the use of Blockchain technology. Based on this principle, we develop and produce Smart Contracts , which are distributed applications located on the network. Thanks to which we are broadening our horizons to unprecedented possibilities.

We also check every project we create for the possibility of using a decentralized application. Thanks to this, the ideas with which you come to us become even more innovative

Our strength is an excellent understanding of the principles of Blockchain network operation and constant monitoring of changes in its scope, which means that we systematically update our knowledge and our solutions are never outdated.

Moving with us
into the Blockchain

  • We will analyze the possibilities of using a blockchain
  • We will calculate the best route
  • We will create a prototype
  • We will create Smart Contracts in the Solidity language (and not only!)
  • And if you have any questions, we will explain everything
Internet applications

Internet applications

Our specialized crew makes all kinds of web software, including websites, portals, and various tools available through a browser.
So everything that can be seen on the internet from the browser level - from simple websites, such as Landingpage, to complex tools with specific functionalities. In addition, we create dynamic, fully functional web applications based on modern technological trends, i.e. javascript / typescript, vue, golang and sometimes PHP. We create web applications only in open source frameworks to ensure security and the possibility of their easier development.

We also offer the creation of dedicated CMS systems, i.e. websites, usually with one database and an intuitive administrative panel, allowing free and independent changes in content. The advantage of the CMS system is ease of use and no need for programming knowledge.

We also create CRM software that support Relationship Management. The essence of the concept of this management is to build a long-term relationship, e.g. with a customer based on loyalty. Therefore, CRM software can be defined as a base for storing information about customers, business partners and suppliers. Simply everyone with whom the company is associated.

The time it takes to create a web application depends on the level of difficulty, which is why we implement it within three months.

Desktop applications

Desktop applications

Various situations happen in space, which is why we know that the most valuable software must also work outside the network.
We offer our clients the construction of desktop applications, i.e. window applications, run on any operating system that are able to operate regardless of Internet access. Desktop programs can also have their own and independent local database, as well as synchronize with external databases.

Desktop applications that we make are based on modern web technologies, such as They refer technically to advanced internet applications by using similar programming languages ​​that are used to build Internet applications, e.g. JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you can modify them and do not require knowledge of specialized and dedicated programming languages ​​such as JAVA or .NET.

Desktop applications that are made in this way can be easily developed, and access to specialists is not limited. In addition, they are modern, light and optimized for all your requirements.

In the field of desktop applications

we offer:

  • Desktop applications in web technologies that do not require an internet connection
  • Desktop applications with a shared database that require an internet connection or are able to synchronize when an internet connection is available.
Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are called dedicated programs to achieve specific goals.
Thanks to the mobile applications that you can, for example, make a transfer on your phone, order food with delivery to your home, or simply check your messages. We can safely say that they are a comfortable convenience for everyone. However, for the enterprise, an important marketing and even information tool.

We create mobile applications in cross-platform technologies, such as React Native or Cordova, so that one application code runs on many operating systems.



Through the mobile application:
  • you'll get new customers who use smartphones to search for services and products, and a new customer equals more profit!
  • you authenticate your image as a professional company that cares about the good and satisfaction of your client,
  • you will increase your competitive advantage,

However, due to the wide spectrum of functionalities of mobile applications, you will reduce your marketing costs!

By using in its application, for example:

  • Push notification, you will send messages to all users of your application,
  • Geo Coupons, you will send an automatic message with the offer to users who are in a specific area,

It's not everything!

The truth is that your application will perform the function
you want and contain whatever you want.

Dedicated systems

Dedicated systems

Some advanced requirements indicate the need to implement several interconnected networks communicating via the API and using the API, cooperating IT applications. We call them dedicated systems that support business processes on a larger scale.
The dedicated system includes, among others: portals with a mobile application or desktop application, the common part of which is most often the API (data access interface) and a separate backend platform engine, which is available only through the API. An example of a dedicated system can be e.g. a warehouse system or a hotel service system, consisting of many modules, which are separate applications (webservices).

To build a dedicated system, various technologies are used, which depend on what elements are to be on the platform. Our system solutions are based on modern web technologies such as: JavaScript / TypeScript, Go lang, Angular, Vue, HTML 5, PHP Yii/Laravel.

We have a huge infrastructure of competence and resources, which is why we build powerful freighters capable of the longest interstellar journeys aimed at various missions.



On our deck, we also found a place for the popular PrestaShop script, because there are specialists among our crew who move lightly on the decks of merchant ships and quickly carry out the starting procedure.
Thanks to them, you can easily launch your online store or online bazaar, which will be ready in up to 2 weeks!

We do not create our own engine for commercial vessels. We use the benefits of PrestaShop. We claim that basing ship propulsion on constantly developed and tested popular OpenSource engines are the right path that we have traveled more than once. Therefore, we are sure that your loading will travel the galaxy without fear, even to the most terrible of aliens.

What we do

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