Start up

Start up

Do you have an idea for a great start-up, but you lack an experienced team that supported its implementation?

If so, you've come to the right place, because the Nostromo crew is always ready for new challenges and adventures. We approach each of the ideas with a dose of enthusiasm and professionalism, and thanks to our experience and unconventional thinking, we can meet even very difficult requirements. Therefore, hop on board and let's go together in the infinite start-up adventure. Together we can deal with any strangers.


Before we start an interstellar journey through the deposits of code, we will first find the safe base and carefully plan the galactic expedition that is the project.
In implementing each project, we reach for the most valuable raw materials, i.e. modern ways of producing software. Then we minimize your risk by preparing a general and detailed action plan that will guide us during the trip.

We know that the world is governed by changes, so we consider their essence.
This means that we are always ready to verify previous decisions at every stage of the project. Space is governed by its own laws, and in order to navigate well, you need to be extremely flexible and agile. Projects in Nostromo - that's how they look.

Product quality that meeting requirements is extremely important to us, which is why we reach extraordinary corners of the galaxy, in places that few can afford to reach. We analyze the risks associated with the requirements and look for optimization so we not losing valuable cargo.

What we do

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  • ul. Zamkowa 3A, biuro nr 11, 43-400 Cieszyn
  • +48 509 485 448 (PL)
  • +48 791 139 005 (PL)
  • +420 792 389 846 (CZ)