The hotel system consists of the following modules:



Desktop applications

Guest and Rooms Module

The booking engine enables the description of room types, among others characteristics, amenities, equipment, as well as adding photos of individual room types. It allows easy editing of the content displayed in the booking engine.
It also gives the possibility to specify the number of rooms of a given type. A detailed description of individual rooms, with the ability to search by keyword, makes it easier to book a room in accordance with the wishes of the client when booking via the reception desk. In addition, it is possible to indicate at each of the rooms whether a travel cot can be added. The engine also allows you to specify many variants regarding the number of beds and extra beds in a given type of rooms. The system allows you to specify the types of guests (adults and children) along with the assignment of a bed or extra bed, as well as different price rates for the stay.

Price plans Module

Silnik rezerwacyjny pozwala na stworzenie wielu planów cenowych oraz zdefiniowanie różnych parametrów dla planów cenowych.
For the basic pricing plan it is possible to specify price bars (rates) taking into account the division into room types and types of guests. Other price plans are calculated dynamically using the function that allows you to easily copy rates from one plan to another.

Pricing plans can specify:

  • Scheduler of the plan
  • Range of services (additional options)
  • Type of service / services to which the plan applies (accommodation, additional options, packages or a specific package)
  • Types of rooms covered by the plan
  • The minimum and / or maximum booking amount for a given plan
  • Minimum and / or maximum duration of stay
  • Price scheduler availability depending on First Minute and Last Minute.

The system allows you to define various parameters for price plans, such as: cancellation policy, payment policy, children policy, makings. For each of the price plans, you can specify separate rates or additional rules of validity, i.e. services from the plan concerned, room types and / or package / packages concerned, the amount and type of rebate or surcharge, the possibility of combining with other discounts, valid depending on from hotel occupancy (also occupancy by room types), number of rooms concerned, as well as length of stay, First Minute and Last Minute, date range for the rule.

Desktop applications


The system also allows you to set availability restrictions, i.e. min. stay, max stay, closed to arrival, closed to departure, stop sell, regarding a given price plan or price plan / type of rooms or package or the entire hotel for any selected period.

Desktop applications

Packages Module

The booking engine allows you to create special offers (packages) and combine stays under packages with a assigned price plan.
The system allows you to create packages for a specific number of days or with a time interval with the option of determining the rate depending on the length of stay. The settings allow for the possible exclusion of other offers when selling packages, combining different packages within the stay in one apartment / room, as well as for determining the duration, stays or days of the week in which the package applies (easy exclusion of weekends from the package offer).

It gives the possibility to assign the type of rooms to the package, and when determining the prices of packages, determining specific rates, as well as price plans and rules of price plans. After creating the offer: adding the name, photos, description and content, determining the category, price presentation method, it is possible to preview the offer which will be displayed on the website. Created offers are automatically added to the website in the "Packages" tab. In addition, the possibility of using prices according to customer geolocation - an offer of different prices for different geographical regions (e.g. Special offer or package only for the German market, which is not available in Poland).

Additional Options

The possibility of creating additional options that are assigned to price plans and packages, as well as sold by the booking engine when making reservations by customers.
Specifying the parameters of additional options, i.e. price or price depending on the type of guests, price calculation method, duration, availability, duration, as well as a description and photos will allow their correct presentation on the hotel website. An additional category that is not related to the booking of stays is the sale of tickets (e.g. to an aquapark, for concerts), as well as vouchers (stay, quota or SPA).


The booking engine gives the opportunity to create additional discounts, which are made available on the website or directed to selected customers / partners in the form of a discount code.
The system allows you to specify many parameters of discounts, i.e. type (percentage or amount) and amount of the discount, date of reservation and stay, as well as days of the week at which it will apply, services it will apply to, minimum amount, number of people, length of stay at which it will be charged.

Desktop applications
Desktop applications

In the case of packages available at the indicated time, the engine presents them as an alternative offer. In the absence of available places by the indicated date, the system indicates alternative offers (packages or free rooms available in the near term). When booking packages, the customer selects the package (special offer) they are interested in and introduces the necessary criteria for the stay (date, number of adults and children, including their age). The engine presents the available room options and price plans in the indicated package, and if other packages are available within the indicated time, it will allow combining packages within the stay in one apartment / room.

When making a reservation, the customer can also purchase additional services (additional options), the availability of which is specified in the booking engine. Choosing a booking date by the customer is facilitated by using a dynamic calendar (with a range of 2 months) where guests can see availability or lack thereof, prices, as well as additional restrictions, i.e. minimum stay and sale of only packages within a specified period and can directly choose from the calendar arrival and departure date. After making the final reservation, a summary will be available on the clients account, including information necessary for guests, i.e. date of arrival, room type, additional options, price information with a breakdown into all persons covered by the reservation, information regarding the amount and date of payment of the deposit.

Channel Manager

Connection with Channel Manager allows easy management of allotment availability to external sales channels. It allows you to determine the availability of individual room types (in percent or quantity) made available to the Channel Manager, as well as easy disabling of allotment transferred.
In addition, it sends an email to the hotel during an ending transfer from the channel management system. Reservations, calculations of stay. The engine ordered online booking of rooms and stay packages. When booking rooms, after specifying the search criteria date of planned stay, number of rooms (maximum 5), number of adults and children (with their age), the system of available offers and offers in the first place available rooms with mandatory price plans, as well as rooms potentially available with option on request.

The above data is also included in the confirmation email. From the reception side, the view of the list of reservations starting in the near future and ending on a given day facilitates the organization of work. When creating a reservation and calculating the stay by the reception, the engine switches to the "as on the website" view, where after entering the parameters necessary to make a reservation / calculation, i.e. the date of stay, number of rooms, number of adults and children (with their age), the system displays the results with the additional option of choosing a specific room in each type, as well as the possibility of entering a discount and determining the status of the reservation (pre-booking, confirmed, waiting for the advance, calculation of the stay), on which the content of emails sent to the client and the hotel depends.

All reservations / calculations are confirmed by e-mail sent to both - client and the hotel. E-mail notifications are sent during the "abandonment" of a booking made on the site (sending a link to return to the point where the booking was interrupted), to remind about the payment of the deposit, the date of the upcoming arrival, as well as with a request to complete the survey at the end stay. The system makes it possible to block appointments in individual rooms with the possibility of placing additional information about the blockade for the hotel. The business customer has the option of sending a question by filling out a simple form, it is directed directly to the indicated e-mail address. The engine allows creating special offers (packages) directed to business / group clients, which are displayed in the "business" tab.

Customer Accounts

Customers logging in to their account can view the history of their bookings, as well as modify or cancel online reservations if the restrictions on price plans allow it.
Data of customers subscribing to the newsletter, thanks to API synchronization, can be easily exported to the e-mail marketing program (FreshMail, Sales Manago).

System also allows you to create accounts for business partners with the possibility of setting permanent discounts, periodic (monthly) settlements and directing special offers for the selected partner.

Desktop applications
Desktop applications


The analysis module offers a wide range of reports that allow you to evaluate site and engine performance. Reports can be exported in excel format. Numerous reports allow you to measure and track the most important company data.


The main language in the booking process is Polish, the configuration of the display order of other languages ​​can be done by the administrator. All information entered into the booking system and related to the hotel can be manually translated. The booking engine enables easy configuration of hotel data, i.e. regulations, content of confirmations, offers, surveys, address and contact details, as well as start and end times of the hotel day.

Promo TV

An additional module of the system is a promo TV, which allows the presentation of promotional offers and information for guests on screens in the hotel. Promo TV presentations are displayed in the selected web browser at the specific URL

Centralized booking system and portal management

The system enables searching and making reservations in a group of hotels. The administrator panel enables positioning of objects, as well as creating special offers, imposing discounts, which are only available on the portal page. Adding descriptions, photos, locations of individual hotels allows for their attractive presentation. In addition, the central reservation system, in the absence of places in a given facility, allows customers to be directed to the pages of other facilities in the group or the portal.

Desktop applications
Desktop applications


Application Programming Interface

The online booking engine with the application programming interface (API) has the ability to exchange information with external systems, i.e. hotel management system (PMS) - SpaSoft, mailing system - FreshMail, Sales Manago, Channel Manager - YieldPlanet and integration with the online payment system

Presentation of hotels in a group

Portal with a CMS system that will allow to easily manage the content and structure of the pages of all hotels in the group of hotels. It allows quick modification and updating of data by the staff of each hotel

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